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Featured Video: "Planting Seeds for Lead Generation"

The months before spring is a perfect time to start thinking about lead generation for contractors.

When I look out into my backyard, I can still see the gigantic holes that Rosie, our 100 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog, has dug throughout the winter. I'm starting to plan for the spring. I plan to plant seeds for full growth by early summer. The most ideal time, however is early fall when the dry, hot weather is gone. This gives the seeds a chance to stay moist in preparation for the next spring season.

This same seed-planting practice can be used when talking to residential customers about work needed in future seasons. Making suggestions for maintenance work for the spring while it’s still winter is a lot like planting seeds. It’s just called something different: lead generation.

For more information on lead generation, read my article of the same name, "Planting Seeds for Lead Generation".

A Reality Video Series for Contractors and Sales Professionals

Meet Joseph, an everyday average Joe kind of customer with a unique quality. He proudly admits "I'm cheap". For business owners and sales professionals, that makes for great sales challenge. Press play to view the video below and see how Mike educates Joe on the best purchase option for him and watch how Joes transforms from a cheap customer to one that's happier than a pig in - well, you know.

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