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Selling to Four Personality Types: A Lesson in Sales Psychology by Michael O'Grady

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I once read a great book by Florence Littauer, titled "Your Personality Tree", which taught me a great deal about how to approach many different types of customers. In this book, I learned about the theory of Humorism and the four humors, also known as "temperamentum" or temperament, which represent a way of thinking, behaving and reacting. The Humorism theory suggests that each person is born of a basic temperament, as determined by which of the four humors is more evident within them.

Knowing which type is dominant in a person can help you, as a professional sales person, manager or business owner, adjust your presentations and approaches with people more effectively.

The four temperament types are: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. They are associated with the following personality characteristics: Read on.

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