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The sales psychology training, coaching, articles and content on this site is originated by Michael O'Grady, who draws on his 24+ years of sales, business and management experience to tackle the specific sales challenges in the in-home services industry. You can use sales psychology techniques with any company, any customer and in any industry.

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Sales Relationships

Contractors in the services industry understand the value of online marketing. They are spending money on their websites, generating online leads and sending email blasts. Many have launched Facebook and Twitter pages. Many are trying their hand at pay-per-click campaigns. Some are writing weekly bogs. To those businesses who’ve hired digital marketing talent to manage digital marketing initiatives: I applaud your efforts and assure you that’s money well spent.

I’m always happy to see service companies putting good effort into building relationships with their customers online. Understanding the nuts and bolts of online marketing not only requires a time commitment, it requires a certain level of knowledge of what’s happening in the digital space. This can quickly become perceived as an obstacle or a costly expense, which might be why I see so many service companies behind in the game. Keep reading "Content Marketing for Contractors" here.

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Sales Relationships

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still"

I believe when a potential customer is not a natural decision-maker and when all the reasons for moving forward with a decision to purchase your product or service don’t make sense to the customer, there shouldn’t be any pressure from the sales person put upon the customer. It’s never necessary, effective nor ethical to pressure your customer into making a buying decision. This can – and often does lead to a tarnished business reputation, a decrease in referrals and buyers remorse in a customer.

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